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Trademark Applications

Typical fees for preparing and filing trademark applications

(if searches and written opinions are not requested and if there are no major objections from an examiner or a 3rd party):

Gov't Fees* Filing fee Amendments
Statement of Use
Certificate of Registration
CANADA, CDN$ $250 $50
USA, US$ $325/class $100/class

Fees for optional trademark services

Our fees**
plus HST
Registrability Search*** Registrability Opinion**** Preparation of Application Writing responses to Office Actions
(minor corrections are performed at no charge.)
Oppositions / Trademark Trial Appeals Board
Annual Trademark Register Watch Service 
CANADA, CDN$ $100 
$250 to $750
$500 - $1500
$2000 - $9000
USA, US$ $250
$325 / class $500 - $1500 $2000 - $9000 $200

**Our fees may include disbursements for outside legal counsel and searching costs.

*** A Registrability Search (75 hit T&T Saegis report for USA trademarks or 160 hit NUANS TL report for Canada), is limited to a search of the Federal trademarks database. You may wish to order a more comprehensive search if you will be investing money in the trademark.

**** A Registrability Opinion, signed by a trademark agent, is important to have if you plan on investing money in signs and in advertising the trademark before you get the Trademarks Office's search report (usually within 8 months of applying for USA applications and 1 to 2 years for Canadian applications.

When a Registrability Opinion is requested, a Registrability Search is required, so that there may be something on which to base the opinion.